Growing Spurt

Among all my frustrations about saddle shopping was a nagging fear that all of my blankets, nary a season old, would also not fit the lanky new pony. So of course I stuck my head in the sand and decided I would just pull them out when it was cold, and pray they would fit. Because nothing says fall like pumpkin spice lattes scarves leaves changing color dropping a few hundred dollars on new blankets.


But praise be, the blankets fit. Apparently Smitty’s length makes up for Foster’s breadth, so we won’t have anything to worry about for the time being.

And then my farrier showed up to do another horse, and while Smitty was in the cross ties, happened to point out- “you know your horse is bum high, right?”

And sure enough, he is. No wonder he’s been looking a bit lanky again this last week. I was hoping he’d go wide before he went tall, but looks like that’s not to be. My farrier assured me, my dreams of a 16.2h horse are basically shot.

Please don’t grow too much- k, Smitty? Please?

Just part of the baby-horse journey I suppose!

15 thoughts on “Growing Spurt

  1. I refuse to measure mine anymore because I like calling them “around 16 hands” and I really don’t actually want to know how much past that height they are now 😂 #babyhorseprobs

    But hey, at least the blankets fit, that’s a win!

    • Haha as long as we stay “around 16 hands” and not “around 17 hands” it’ll be OK… but when he came to me he was almost 16.2h so… here’s hoping?

      • I took my 5 y/o trail riding with a friend and my mare towered over her mare, who she swears is 16.2. I just put my fingers in my ears and went “la la la my horse is around 16 hands la la la”. 😂 Firmly in the camp of denial…. Lol

  2. People keep selling used blankets around here and they’re all too small for Copper. I have to buy everything new it seems. :/ At least it looks like you’ll get another year out of Foster’s!

  3. Ahhh to those horses that never stop growing. Mine kept growing after five and is over 17H (luckily he slimmed down). Now anything under that just seems so tiny

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