First show in the books

The entry has been sent, the hotel is booked, and just like that our first show is on the calendar.

I’ll be taking Smitty to my favorite venue, the Carolina Horse Park. We’ll get there on a Saturday, and the game plan is to walk Smitty around the facility as the chaos intensifies, and school him in one of the dressage arenas (which will be his first time in a sandbox). Then Sunday, we’ll compete in the Green as Grass combined training division.

Green as Grass is the lowest division offered at most of the local horse shows, and the dressage test is Intro Test A and the jumping is set to 18″.

My hope is that by getting there a day early, we will have plenty of time to show Smitty the grounds and introduce him to the atmosphere of a show in the easiest way possible. By doing GaG, I’m keeping the expectations low– this is not about ribbons in any way shape or form. This is about staying in the ring and hopefully giving a baby a positive experience.

It’s only a couple weeks away- guess I need to start learning my test!

11 thoughts on “First show in the books

    • I mean, kind of. We have no free walk, we’re barely doing 20 meter circles, but I want to get him out and about as much as possible. So we may be sort of kind of winging it, but whatevs.

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