Photography Friday: Gryff the Goldendoodle


A has helped me a lot over the last couple years, from little things like videoing and holding horses, all the way up to taking care of Foster during his rehab while I was on vacation. So when she and her husband got their first pooch, I was more than excited to take some puppy pics for them. While I may have missed the early puppy phases, Gryff was quick to show off his youthful energy and boundless sense of humor.












I’m obviously off to Lexington tomorrow, so horsey updates coming next week! Keep your fingers crossed that I find my match, and watch instagram to follow along!

9 thoughts on “Photography Friday: Gryff the Goldendoodle

  1. I have been drooling over Goldendoodles for quite a while now! Is he a standard? And this is kind of weird but… where did they get him?! We’re thinking about maybe adding to the family this winter…..

  2. These are some great shots of a really cool dog!! My wire haired dachsie just made an appearance in my daughter’s senior pictures and his expression is much like Gryff’s. Excellent job 🙂

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