Adventures in Horse Shopping: Prepping for Kentucky

What a whirlwind couple days it has been! From the PPE Tuesday, then biting the bullet and buying the tickets to KY, organizing the rental car, and reaching out to strangers about a place to crash, the logistics of actually getting to Kentucky and back in one piece are finally settled. So now it’s all down to what ponies I’ll see.

Right now I’ve got one major candidate and around 8 other possibilities. I’m only there for 24 hours, so it’s not likely that I’ll get to squeeze them all in, so now the process involved is deciding which ones get knocked off the list so that I’m not channeling the Flash all over Lexington. This isn’t Pokemon Go folks, we can’t catch them all.


There’s a little less variety in terms of breeds that I’m seeing on this trip- they are all warmbloods or warmblood crosses. But in disciplines they vary greatly. Most are eventers, but there’s a sprinkling of straight hunter and dressage horses in there too. Which ones actually make the list though, I’m not decided yet.

Other somewhat silly things that I’m also working on include deciding how much caffeine I’m going to allow myself to intake on the trip (a lot), trying to look professional and knowing that tall boots are not an option (thank you Dover for selling pleather half chaps- now I won’t be quite so embarrassed on arrival), whether now is the time to finally break out that white sunshirt, wondering if the barn smell of my helmet/gloves/boots/etc will set off drug dogs, etc. It’s a work in progress I guess.

There’s a lot still in flux, but I hope the trip is worth the investment, and all this time planning.

9 thoughts on “Adventures in Horse Shopping: Prepping for Kentucky

  1. I think the trip sounds exciting. But then I don’t mind trying to cram 50 million things into 1 day. I’ve traveled a lot with riding gear and no one – including dogs – at the airport cares. Unless you’re flying internationally from a country with hood and mouth disease and your luggage was too full, so you’re carrying your helmet and boots in a plastic bag. Then they’ll stop you.

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