Darcy Update

Darcy left this weekend to go to her new home, where she will eventually learn the ropes of cross country and try not to get fat on the lushest grass in the county.

While I’m certainly sad to see that sweet little mare go, I think she and her new owner will grow a lot with each other and that it’s a good match. And though not riding is clearly not a long-term goal for me, with the bits of remodeling (i.e, painting, etc) going on in the new house, it seems a good time for me to have at least one week off.

I won’t be out of the saddle for long- this weekend I’m off to visit a friend and see her one-eyed wonder mare and hopefully get to take her for a little spin. Then it’s just a matter of weeks before some serious Derby party action and if all goes well, the horse shopping will begin.

Lots of change, and lots of luck to Darcy in her new home!

4 thoughts on “Darcy Update

  1. A quick sale like that is the dream when selling a horse, so even though it’s a bummer you lost your ride, that’s great news for her owner!

  2. Quick sale! That is always a bonus and good luck to her new adventures!!! Now that her stall is empty maybe a cute little bay pony might want to make the move to fill it??? 😉

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