Let’s Discuss: Moving

Moving homes is an exciting, exhausting, emotional process. You look forward to it, because it means forward momentum in your life, but you dread it, because of the growing pains.

It’s funny how moving can show you new things about yourself. It’s an experience that exposes patterns and how you are a different person than you might have been before.

The things that stay the same from the House on a Hill 1.0 to this 2.0 version tend to be those associated with use. The toothpaste goes in the top drawer of the bathroom because it always has, the non-stemmed wine glasses go on the bottom shelf of the upper cabinets because that’s where they belong. But then what about the things that aren’t just functional? Why is it that even in this new and unfamiliar space, I get the left sink and he the right? If we wanted to switch things up, this would be a great time, but without discussion we simply assume the familiar.

Then there’s the little things that make the familiar seem odd. The way the light comes in in the morning is still extremely disorienting, even in my own bed. The pause of the lights before they turn on thanks to some special efficiency bulbs. Eventually I’m sure these will become the familiar to me, but for now it’s somewhat unsettling.

But there’s other changes that I look forward to. Paint colors. Not having to pull the weeds out of the patio. Having enough space for lots of friends or family around the table. These are the things, while somewhat trivial, that make the process worth while. That’s the exciting part- to see what eventually becomes the familiar and allows us growth.

When you move, what are the things that you keep the same? What is most unsettling about the process? What are some of the things about a new place that you struggle with or find most strange?

4 thoughts on “Let’s Discuss: Moving

  1. I’ve only moved a couple times, from my dad’s into my college apartment, back into dad’s, then into the house Jason and remodeled. We’re still trying to find what works best in our house- four years later. We have a lot more stuff than normal people though since we’re trying to consolidate a portion of my dad’s antique collection into the house since he’s passed. So much furniture. We still have 5+ pieces to fit in the house somewhere…

  2. I love moving- it’s such a great time to purge! But the organization is hard because once you put something somewhere- that’s likely its home until you move again :). It has been a while since we moved into the house- but the space was so much bigger than our last place that it felt like no item was unnecessary! Good luck!

  3. Uggghhh I am so sick of moving. May will make move #7 in six years and I’m Over It. I am excited about a new place though and that always helps! Figuring out those new little adjustments is always strange though – like breaking in new shoes.

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