Let’s Discuss: The Dream House

Let’s switch it up for a change and talk houses!

Obviously the husband and I recently went house-shopping, and as people do, we had our list of must-have’s and nice-to-have’s:

Must Have’s:

  • 3 or more bedrooms (master + at least one guest room + potential study)
  • open layout – particularly between kitchen and living room
  • .3 acres or more
    • …so that we can have backyard privacy (we love grilling and hanging out outdoors- much more fun when you’re not feeling on display!)
  • Be within 30 minutes drive from both work places and barn
    • Because I despise driving long commutes, the less the better


  • A large dining room
    • So that hopefully I could inherit one of 3 large family tables (random, I know)
  • Hardwood floors
    • All the easier to clean the pet hair!
  • Built-ins in living room
    • Because books. And horse photos.

It’s a fairly short list, and of course we had our own preferences besides these, but with a fast moving real estate market these items were hard to find! Luckily the new house checks all of these off and more!

House on a Hill 2.0

Introducing the House on a Hill 2.0

What’s on your list for your dream house? 

12 thoughts on “Let’s Discuss: The Dream House

  1. Congrats on the new house. My list includes land for horses and no mold. That’s pretty much it. The market here is so bad, you either have to be rich or have no conditions. We seriously considered a 1 bedroom house with foundation and roof issues. And the kitchen was comprised of an old-fashioned cast-iron stove and a sink. That’s it. No counters, no cabinets. And I was like, we’ll take it. It ended up not having high speed internet, which is actually a requirement due to our jobs. But that’s how low my standards are.

    • Congrats- it’s gorgeous! I had to laugh at Olivia’s comment- my husband and I got to the point that if one of us was traveling the other would go see a house the other would look at the online photos, and we’d make an offer.
      Can’t wait to see more picks!

  2. I wish we had built ins! I would sooooooo love to have them! Instead of bookcases we have this stupid pool table that rarely gets used (it came with the house so we sort of inherited it) but our short list consisted of a barn with 4 stalls, 3 bedrooms, and within 30 minutes of Spartanburg.

  3. I really wanted a basement that was either 1. finished or 2. could be finished in additional living space. Other than that I wanted hard woods and lots of great window light. 🙂 Congrats on the new place!

  4. I used to be all about an open layout, but our current house is a 1940’s colonial with mostly original rooms. Oddly, I love it. Having the rooms all broken up requires me to use them for what they are for, instead of just flip the tv on and get sucked into a show… ha!

    One thing I really like to have is a basement. Not because I use it, but having grown up in Indiana, I tend to feel safer if there’s a basement to run into in case of tornadoes.

  5. Love built ins! We were so desperate to get out of the place we were renting that when we bought this place, we were like, “Is it falling down? No? SOLD.” It’s the first house we’ve ever owned, so I’m sure once we move on to something else we’ll be slightly more picky. 😛

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