Photography Friday: Introducing Darcy

If you follow me on either facebook or instagram, you’ve probably been wondering who the little chestnut mare is that has been making appearances lately.



Darcy is a 15.3hh 11 year old registered draft cross mare. She belongs to a friend of a friend of mine, and is looking for a new home through no fault of her own.



The timing of all of this has been serendipitous, because of course as of recently, I am without my riding partner. So Darcy has come to me for a while, that I can get her in shape and hopefully play matchmaker with a wonderful new owner for her.



She’s been a ton of fun to ride, as #missdarcy knows all the first level dressage tricks and happens to love jumping. She’s been whipping me into shape for sure after all those months spent just playing around!


This week, I’ll take Darcy to So Pines and lesson with Bobby Costello. (3 times jumping in the last 8 months and I’m taking a lesson?! I must be mad) Should be lots of entertainment value there.


Have a happy weekend all!

(Special thanks to N for making this opportunity come together- love you!)

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