Let’s Discuss: Your Fairy Tale Foal

There’s a chance I may be horse shopping in the next few months, and goodness knows I’ve been window-shopping hard core. So it’s got me thinking about bloodlines- what is the perfect mix for me?

I’ve always dreamed about having a Connemara X Thoroughbred cross. To match the sturdiness and cleverness of the Connemara with the stamina of a thoroughbred.. talk about an eventing machine! But alas, the rarity of the Connemara, and lack of available crosses, makes these guys a high ticket item.

Flynn, a lovely Conn X TB gelding

Flynn, a lovely Conn X TB gelding

Then recently I’ve turned my mind to warmbloods. There’s a gelding in the barn by Donnerhall that makes me swoon every time he floats past, and it makes me think, wouldn’t it be nice to own a beastie like that. Surprisingly horses with these bloodlines are easier to find, a quick search on dreamhorse turns up roughly 50 sales ads. And I’m not educated enough on which lines are good (as in amateur friendly, sound, etc) and which ones to avoid, so I flail.


Now if we were to talk Irish Draught and Haflinger lines, I could happily hold a conversation about my favorite sires (Touch of the Blues and Nobleman, respectively), and make an informed decision. But those breeds, while I love love love them, probably aren’t what I’m looking for right now.

So, friends, I give you this opportunity to teach me, and tell me what your dream horse would be made of. What would you want? Any advice for stallions to avoid? Sires to look for?

19 thoughts on “Let’s Discuss: Your Fairy Tale Foal

  1. I would someday love to have a Connie x Hol x TB or an ISH. I don’t have the right mare to make one of those though, so I’ll be pretty content with my 75% TB, 12.5% Hol, 12.5% Hano. 😉 As far as bloodlines and stallions to avoid – there are a lot I wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole, and a lot that I would specifically seek out for eventing. If you’re shopping dressage or hunters you can go with just about any of the wb bloodlines (well… mostly) but eventing and jumpers tend to be a little more cut and dry. Probably because jumping ability is one of the most heritable traits – far more so than gaits.

    • Because even though they are some of the most athletic horses, IMHO they don’t tend to be amateur friendly. I couldn’t event my Irish Draught because it would have been a death wish, and the Irish sport horse mare I had before that was way too hot and spicy for the dressage ring. Just my experiences but I’m not seeking them out specifically for that reason- also they tend to be gosh darn expensive!!!

      • Understood! Only experience I’ve ever had was an NCSU study abroad “Horse Industry in Ireland” trip. So not a lot of hands on experience. I’d say majority of us rode Irish Draughts than ISH.

    • YUP. I already have my lines picked out. Hot Ones Only, Last Detail, Sky Blue Walker, Coats N Tails, All Time Fancy. I’m not a Rugged Lark fan and I definitely don’t like Goodbar bred… I could go on for days 😉 I don’t want an Appendix necessarily though – I think the hunter lines in AQHA are so strong these days, I want something that’s 75%, if not 100%. Let’s be real, I don’t wanna win at Devon, I want to walk out of the Jim Norick with a gold globe!

  2. wish i knew more about bloodlines and stud books to actually have anything intelligent to say haha. definitely keep us posted in your searches tho (casual or otherwise!)

  3. I don’t really know anything about breeding. Hence owning a mule and now a mustang. Could your trainer help you with picking a new horse?

  4. One of my best friend’s family breeds Conn and Conn crosses down south and she events them. If you’re interested, I’d be happy to make that connection if it’s not one you already have!

  5. The lady I’m currently working for has a super cute 17hh 5 yr old for sale. Excellent calm personality (as in, my out of shape as hopped on him today after he hadn’t been touched in months). I’ll ask what his breeding is, I have forgotten.

  6. I would not buy a horse with donnerhall as the sire, he’s of dressage ” lines ” and not bred for jumping/eventing. I would set mycket eyes for warmbloods with a bit ofta XX (thouroughbred) and sired by stallions bred for jumping, also want a horse with “upphill” in the front and neck. “Drafty” kind of horses would not be on my list, not good enough canter or gaits over all, there is also the issue of health, heavy and might not have the flexibility for the work asked of it.
    Crosses of dressage and jumping lines usually don’t give a horse suited for either, they tend not to be very good at either purpose. Well, this was my thoughts on the matter. 🙂

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