2016 Goals

Now that the holidays (and my unintended blogging absence – sorry folks) are over, it’s time to look forward to all that 2016 has to offer. 2015 was a tumultuous year for Foster and I, and I’ve been hoping for a long time that 2016 will bring some redemption to us. So, without further ado, here’s what I hope to accomplish and strive for in the coming year.


The Horse
Really this is a re-hash of our 2015 goals that weren’t accomplished due to unforeseen medical circumstances. However, I still hope to be successful in them, even if it’s a year later!

  • Hereโ€™s the big one! Move up to Training!
  • Increase strength in haunches through cavaletti work (2-3x/week)
  • Walk-Canter-Walk transitions
    • Lead changes
  • Completing a Second Level dressage test with a score over 63%
  • -new- Participate in at least one dressage clinic

The big caveat is that I won’t know how his fetlock will feel as we continue to recover. Jumping will remain to be the biggest question mark, and I’m determined to just see how it goes- if he tells me that he can’t do it, we’ll just have to focus on dressage domination instead.


The House

  • Paint upstairs – hallway, study, State room
  • Wrap up giant handyman to-do list covering all sorts of small sins
  • Declutter in the extreme….
  • In order to put the house on the market!


One of the original goals for this house, and the reason we decided to take on all the challenges that purchasing a foreclosure brings, was that in selling the house we would be able to afford our dream home. Now there’s still a lot of kinks to be figured out, and probable changes to our plans, but come summer, the House on the Hill may be home to a family besides ours. Updates to come as they happen!

Documenting Fair Hill | PC: JP

Documenting Fair Hill | PC: JP

The Rest
Even though 2015 was an emotional roller coaster, I felt like I ended it in a better place than I started. I can only hope that I can say the same thing when we wrap up 2016. But until then, these are the goals that I have for myself.

  • Health
    • Eat less red meat
    • Make a dedicated effort to consider myself an athlete as a rider and take responsibility for staying in decent shape
  • Concentrate on photography and expanding my range of work
    • Complete 10-15 sessions this spring – my fingers are itching for that shutter button!
    • First newborn session!
  • Stay positive and keep calamities in perspective
Here's to many more memories in 2016!

Here’s to many more memories in 2016!

Well, there you have it! Here’s hoping that 2016 is a joyous and successful year for everyone! Happy new year!


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