Photography Friday: Foster Edition

It’s very rare that I get a chance to photograph my own horse, since said creature typically doesn’t like to stand unassisted at a photographable distance, unless I want my picture to be of his nostrils. Or his tongue.

But with the impending surgery in my mind, I decided it was worth the trouble to get some proper portraits of him, you know… just in case.


So with that somewhat melodramatic thought in the back of my mind I trimmed and braided, washed and show-sheened the bejeezus out of my horse (and put him in a certain somewhat-new bridle that I just adore) just like we were about to go down centerline.


These just happen to be some of my favorites. They capture his intelligence and his sweet eye.


They hint at his presence.


And they manage to get a bit of his sense of humor in there as well.


I just love this horse. And I can’t wait to get him home and spend even more days with him.

It's not Foster without a little bit of this...

20 thoughts on “Photography Friday: Foster Edition

  1. I love these! And you’re so right – without a helper it’s like nostrils, a face full of grass, or the horse walking away. Can only take so many carrot faces, right?

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