VCBH: Cubicle

No news is good news I suppose? For now, no news on the Foster front… the x-ray appointment is coming up in a few days so I expect to share more then. So until Monday, I decided to participate in the latest blog hop from Viva Carlos.

Most of us work for a living, some of us in way swankier places than others. I am curious for a pictorial tour of your office or cubicle.


If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know that about a year ago I got a job at my dream company. One of the central ideas to the company is that the employees are the company’s greatest assets, and so employee happiness/satisfaction carries a lot of importance here. Among other perks then, one is that pretty much everyone gets their own office. So while it may be a bit dark, and though my manager calls it the fridge (since the light turns on when you open the door), it’s been kind of exciting to me to really have my own space into which I can infuse my weirdness and sense of whimsy.


My newly acquired Jeff Goldblum poster is an obvious reference to Jurassic Park, and makes me chuckle every time I look at it. The shelves below house my photos, an equal shrine to both Foster and the husband. The photo on the top left is probably one of my favorites of Foster, trotting through the water at the Carolina Horse Park a couple years ago. It’s printed in metallic ink and I just love the way the water and fall colors literally shimmer if the light hits it. Rolled up on the bottom shelf, which you can’t see here, is the tackiest blanket that is basically just a giant Elvis head, in case the office gets cold. Love that thing.


My workspace compliments the Foster theme with his miniature sitting under my main monitor. Drake also takes the spotlight here. And then my Elvis bobblehead (like the blanket, another random Elvis gift) because duh, Elvis.


In the last corner, my cardboard unicorn bust lives. The Clydesdale pictures are a couple chintzy little things that I picked up last year, and were so cheap I decided to use them as decor until I find something better. Too many horses? Nah…

So there you have it, a little dose of where I spend the majority of my days!



15 thoughts on “VCBH: Cubicle

  1. I love your company’s philosophy! Mine does not act that way 🙂 Also metallic paper is the best. One day when I’m not poor again I’m getting some nice prints of Simon with it.

  2. Man, I’d kill for having an office! I’m in the middle of a manufacturing facility, in a fishbowl (literally; the wall next to me is giant windows). People like to bang on the glass and make me jump, or make funny faces and see how long it takes me to notice.

    Company policy is also no photos in the plant, lest you get pictures of proprietary patented machinery in the photo.

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