Post-Hock Injection Musings

Not really much content to blog about this week, since Foster got his hocks injected Monday afternoon. I’m going to ride him on the flat later today, and hopefully take the opportunity to practice that galloping position at the canter and get comfortable in my jump saddle.

When the vet was there on Monday I bombarded her with questions. Could this really be a stifle problem? Could his hocks be fusing? Were we going to be doing hock injections every six months forever? Is the level of work I am asking of him too much? The answer to all: Not likely. Of course I would have preferred a resounding No, but definites are well, not likely in horses.

Feel bad for lightweight Fosterpants

Feel bad for lightweight Fosterpants

Of course pending how he is feeling over the next couple days, our plan is to take another cross country lesson with BC this Sunday. I’m a little concerned about not having really done much in the 3 weeks since our last lesson, much less having jumped. But still it will be worth getting out and galloping before the big clinic, which is coming up fast and furious. I can’t [don’t want to] jump Foster before our lesson because I feel it would be unfair to jump any sooner than Sunday, so we will do our best with playing with ground poles and me just getting the hang of really riding in a jump saddle again.


11 thoughts on “Post-Hock Injection Musings

  1. I’ve had those debbie downer thoughts about Simon too, and he absolutely has (BAD) fusing hocks. However, we’ve done injections as close together as six months and now over a year apart. The biggest difference I see in him is lots of turnout + consistent, proper work that keeps him the soundest. Don’t despair!

  2. While hock injections aren’t fun and can be kind of risky, at least you feel like you have a handle on it and know the treatment works. Good luck on the galloping position!

  3. It makes us humans feel better to have solid yes or no answers, but that just not horses or life, really!

  4. good luck with the lesson! and glad to hear the vet was reasonably optimistic about your plans and course of action for Foster! fingers crossed that he comes up feeling amazing on Sunday!

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