Photography Friday: Scotland

I’m reaching back into the archives again for this one. Two years ago at this time the hubby and I were traveling the UK, exploring new territories in Scotland and taking him to special family locales in England. Yesterday I spent some time thinking about that trip, as it was the anniversary of the Battle of Culloden, a date well known by all those obsessed (as I am) with the Outlander series. A somber reminder then of an otherwise wonderful trip.


White Rose and Thistle wreaths placed on the battlefield

Photography © Britt Gillis

Culloden Moor


Well of the Dead at Culloden


Cannons at Edinburgh Castle


Edinburgh Museum


Buckingham Palace


Yorkminster Cathedral

Clifford's Tower, York

Clifford’s Tower, York


Yorkminster Cathedral

We’re so desperate to go back and explore more of the beautiful Scottish Highlands, and I love the idea of visiting the Lake District in England, but who knows when that may happen.

Wishing all a happy weekend!

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