Quality Times

I spent the weekend focusing on the house and horses, and it was a pleasant reminder of what life can be like when not constantly chasing a season. Not that I don’t love competing, I do, but there is something just so nice about not having any real plans or schedule to worry about.

This coming from the girl that was champing at the bit to plan our potential glorious Training debut. Well, that’s horses for you folks, and we all find peace where we can.

Part of my non-competing weekend including supporting J at MacNair’s for a Novice CT, and playing photographer with a continuingly crap-focusing camera. I really enjoyed watching Jasper go and catching up with a lot of folks I know from the equestrian community. Bonus that I got to see a couple logo projects being displayed on various shirts and fleeces being worn about the show.

Even a bling squirrel finds a nut though

Even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes (aka the adorable OTTB Jasper in dressage mode)

I then got to go visit with my BFF, A, and her amazing Appendix gelding, Bo. These guys are a real comeback kid story- from Hunter/Jumper glory to eventing, and after multiple mishaps (not eventing related btw), to being almost retired with one functioning leg of the four. Now Bo is learning to be a dressage horse, and the transformation from broken horse to where he is now left me awed. The wonders of dressage, people!

Jasper again

Jasper again

The weekend wrapped with heading out to my own barn for some quiet time with Fosterpants. I love being met with a whinny when he first spots me, and spent a long time just sitting in the grass and watching him be. I did hop on for a whopping 25 minutes, and while he started off a bit stunted and eh, he settled into the work and we did long and low at trot and canter before I put him in for the evening. Joy of all joys!

I hope everyone else had a peaceful or fun weekend, and got lots of similar quality pony time. It’s good for the soul!

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