Back from the Beach

If you follow me on instagram, you may have noticed a sudden departure from the usual Foster faces and Elliot/Drake posts. Instead, you’ve been inundated with beach pics and many adult beverage shots. Sorry, not sorry.

Dominican beach

Beachin’ it

Last night (or at 1:30 am, should I say early this morning) we returned from the Dominican Republic. The hubs and I had a great time, and I particularly enjoyed diving into a new book series (Discovery of Witches, anyone?) and getting a tan that is sure to last me until tomorrow. Unfortunately, between our late arrival and my lack of sedatives to keep Elliot calm after our 6 day disappearance, I’m riding the struggle bus today.

The lobby

The lobby

So, I don’t have any real horsey updates to share. While away a friend hopped on him a couple times, and took care of his heel, which he cut just a couple days before my departure. I’m assured that the heel is looking much better and without any heat.

The [Non] Honeymoon Suite

The [Non] Honeymoon Suite

I plan on getting out tonight and seeing how he feels. This weekend we are signed up for a Training CT at a local show, and I need to decide if I am just going to do the dressage part or not. Lots to assess in the next few days!

View from the room

View from the room

In the meantime, I want to thank everyone for the comments on the posts while I was away- while I wasn’t able to respond, the weak Dominican WiFi did allow me to read them and I really enjoyed hearing everyone’s different viewpoints on handling competition and sharing your horse with others! I promise to catch up with everyone’s blogs as soon as my inbox clears out… 🙂

5 thoughts on “Back from the Beach

  1. Nice vacation spot! You are brave to show the weekend after a trip – that stresses me out, haha. I like to plan and prep the 2 weekends before a show.

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