Uptown Funk you up

[Thanks Bruno Mars for this song that has been stuck in my head all weekend]

Though the weather has started to warm, and the ice has mostly melted, I find myself having a hard time being cheerful about it. After mentioning my funk to the husband, he observed that this seems to happen around this time every year for as long as he’s known me. Huh. Probably the lack of saddle time combined with minimal sunshine that’s got me down? Really, it’s probably just the lack of saddle time. Damn ice.

Come here human, let me lick you

Come here human, let me lick you

Foster may have been feeling similarly, as we attempted half heartedly with some dressage work last night in the tiny part of the arena that wasn’t beaten to bits by lessons prior. We’re all waiting the time when the footing in the covered arena will be fixed, but right now as it’s the only arena available (the outdoor being under water, basically), they can’t get in to fix it and we’re all having to deal. If you’re lucky enough to get in there just after it’s been dragged it’s great, but if you’re late to the game (as I was both days this weekend), you end up doing 10 meter figure 8’s. Foster was less than pleased.

Wild man (not really) got lunged on Saturday to see how he was feeling. He was feeling like he would prefer to stand.

Wild man (not really) got lunged on Saturday to see how he was feeling. He was feeling like he would prefer to stand.

On the bright side, J reminded me that it was the one year anniversary of our first Novice outing yesterday. It was a bittersweet show in a way- our most relaxed dressage test, a clear but fractionally wild feeling showjumping round, and then an awesome XC that culminated in me going into cruise control mode and getting a stupid runout, blowing our chances of getting a 2nd place ribbon. Still, I remember being elated that his Novice debut had only suffered due to rider error- a good reminder for how my attitude should be regarding the clinic move up to Training.

Our first Novice

Our first Novice / PC: Brant Gamma

Still, it’s fun to think that a year later, we’re so much improved. The canter has changed immensely, lengthenings are finally coming, and we’re talking about Training with a little less trepidation. Our next attempt is going to come up sooner rather than later, as I’m planning on attending a Combined Training show mid-March. The course should be technically easier than the clinic, although in a smaller arena. My worry is that with all the standing water on the ground, will be get a chance to jump before the show? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


15 thoughts on “Uptown Funk you up

    • Actually going to MacNairs! Truthfully Julieann is always telling me I need to get out to more venues, especially since I’m always competing at the Horse Park.. but gosh it’s just so convenient and such a great facility, it’s hard to beat!

  1. this part of the season always really gets me down too – but spring really IS coming!!! that’s a nice memory tho about where you were last year v this year – esp with how incremental and invisible progress can sometimes feel

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