A trip to Hunter Jumper land

Yup, you read that right, for the most part. A plan is currently in the works to attend a C rated Hunter Jumper show 2 weekends from now. The idea being that I have the fun habit of forgetting to think when I head into the jumper ring, and so maybe if I make multiple trips around a course in one day eventually the synapses will start firing again.


Also, remember that goal of trying to move up to Training next year? Well, getting around a 3’3″ course would be a super handy skill to have.

because right now 3'3" still looks kind of huge...

because right now 3’3″ still looks kind of huge…

So as I try to make sense out of the class list (seriously, where is the book “Hunters for Dummies”?!) I think I’ll be doing the following classes on Saturday…

Adult Amateur (I assume that means me) 2’9″

Low Schooling Jumper Table II 2(b) (3’) 

High Schooling Jumper Table II 2(b) (3’3”) 

Seriously though, this in itself invites so many questions.. Such as:

  1. What is the (b) in the Jumper classes?
  2. What is the difference between High Schooling Jumper Table II 2(b) (3’3”) and Child/Ad Table II 2(b) (3’3”) .. or Child/Ad Table II 1, Sec 1 (3’3”) for that matter?
  3. Since I’m thinking of doing one hunter class, what can I wear? Keeping in mind that the only coat I own is a Dressage coat….
  4. What constitutes a division?

And then Sunday, assuming I have made sense of the above questions, I intend to do some sort of ‘division’ at 3’3″.

Why is this all so confusing?!

19 thoughts on “A trip to Hunter Jumper land

  1. It’s not confusing it’s awesome!

    Here’s my advice/help…

    The (b) means you can’t leave the ring after a clear round before your jump off. If you go clear, they will beep a buzzer and then you have a certain number of seconds (I think 45?) to start your jump-off course.

    High schooling jumper I’m sure allows pro riders. The Child/Adult classes are amateurs/kids only. I’m not sure about the sections?

    Is this a MacNairs C, a Sedgefield C or a triangle horse complex C? You really should wear a hunter coat for all of them, but especially at Sedgefield or the hunt horse complex. I’d try to borrow one honestly. If not, it needs to be a long sleeve, white rat catcher shirt tucked in with a belt.

    • Oh also, a division is showing all of the classes. So for jumpers it’s usually 3-4 jumper classes (like all the child/adult jumper classes). For hunters, it’s usually 2 O/F and 1 U/S. Here our equitation is a separate division, which is 1 O/F and 1 U/S.

    • OH my goodness, thank you for saving me from ‘the dumb’!

      I would never have guessed about the jump off! Good to know!

      So it sounds like I should go for the Child/Adult classes on Saturday…

      Now here’s another question- on Sunday those classes look like this:
      194 Child/Ad Table II 2(c) (3’3”)
      195 Child/Ad Table II 2 (b) (3’3”)
      199 $500 CH/Ad Classic Tble II 2(a/b) (3’3”)

      What’s the (c) and (a/b) mean? And I guess the $500 mini-prix thing would *not* be open to Pros?

      Otherwise yes, it’s at Sedgefield.. so in the event I can’t find a coat maybe I should stick to just jumper classes, where I assume you can get away with a nice tucked in polo/collared long sleeve shirt…

      • Honestly I would just stick to jumpers 100%. That way you only have to school one ring, and the jumpers are really well done at Sedgefield. In jumpers you can also show in just about anything, though if you want to be formal you’d wear whites for that money class. Since it’s only $500, I don’t think whites are necessary at ALL.

        “C” is power and speed. That’s when you have two courses, but they are back to back. So the first “Power” course is just a regular jumper course. If you go clear, there’s a timer after your last jump that starts your “speed” course. If you don’t go clear, they buzz you out after the first jumps (usually 8 or so). FYI be prepared to do 12-18 jumps total for power and speed classes.

        Almost all jumper divisions have some sort of money classic, which is the $500 you see. Since it’s child/adult, it’s not open to pros. They split the $500 between the top 6-8 finishers.

        I don’t know what you school, but be prepared to see one strides and combinations at this height.

      • The a/b after the classic means you can either do your jump off right after your clear round or you can come back and do it at the end of the class.

        • So in all seriousness.. how do you remember all of this when you are showing? I am going to have to take notes on my arm about which class I stay in the ring for and which ones I don’t! 😛

        • Oh my goodness! So much to learn. You are a wealth of knowledge to be sure!

          So would I be breaking the rules if I wore this again? (Dove grey breeches and white button down shirt)
          Grey breeche and white button down shirt

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