OMG the show is tomorrow!

I knew this would happen, (with me being in Pittsburgh and not being able to help but think about the competition tomorrow) but I had nightmares last night about the show last night. As in, oh no, I overslept and now I’m two hours behind for my dressage test! Do you think I can go from dressage directly to cross country? Yeah, stupid, I know.

Other than being in a different state the day before, I feel pretty good about it now that I’ve seen the course map-


XC course map

It’s technical, as expected (6-14 will require all of my brain cells to be operating!), but with the exception of maybe 2 fences, we schooled the entire course on Monday. We even did the exact same pattern for jumps 7 – 12. I’ll be interested to see how he handles the half coffin, but he schooled the ditch by itself without question, so I’ll just have to ride with a balanced approach and half halt to let him know something is coming up, and trust him to do his job. The only fence on there that I am a little worried about is #9- which is a decent sized brush jump with trees for standards- Foster hesitated at this during schooling and I need to remember to come into it with my stick in hand for some extra “we’re doing this” sort of confidence.

Otherwise, I have ridden through my test once, maybe twice in the past two weeks, so I won’t be too sad if our score isn’t as lovely as usual. It will be what it will be. And that’s all there is to it! Que sera, sera!

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