Abhorrent Abcesses


Abhorrent abcesses are abhorrent.

Sorry for being incognito for a couple days. I’ve been slogging through the orientations, introductions, and efforts of trying not to look like the newest twit on the block at the new job, and unfortunately spending my evenings treating poor Foster’s abcess.

Soaking the foot


I sat on him Sunday and after trotting off found him head-bobbing lame on his left front. It’s been super wet and gross recently, so it was no surprise when the farrier confirmed that he had an abcess that came out through the bottom of his foot. After a couple days of treating, Foster is still in that pathetic hobbling stage that will hopefully give way to a magically happy prancing pony soon. The only positive note to the whole thing is that I am blessed with a horse who is content to stand still (or paw with his good foot) for a whole 20 minutes, and save my fingers from the frostbite that might occur should I be forced to play with water in hellish brutal frickin’ freezing subarctic such cold weather.

happy pony

As a result of recent weather conditions and the abcess, we will unfortunately be foregoing our first Combined Training show next weekend. Luckily, there are a couple jumper shows in two weeks so *hopefully* we can get out of the barn and go somewhere soon! Until then, thinking happy thoughts for my pony who is stuck in his stall today, but will be getting lots of treats and pats tonight!


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