Snow (aka the wet continues)

Panoramic of the backyard in it's Carolina snow glory

Panoramic of the backyard in it’s Carolina snow glory

Normally, snow would have me excited and thinking how pretty everything is! So white! So bright! So beautiful!

Bah humbug.

Right now, snow means that it will take longer to dry out, and prolong the time between now and when I can get back in the saddle. And right now, that’s something I’m not handling very well *insert more virtual foot stamping here*. Foster lost his wrap last night and because I swear it was blizzarding (no we didn’t get much accumulation, but it was really coming down!), I didn’t go out to soak his foot (it’s 26 miles one way, don’t judge me!). Thank goodness for good barn friends that can check on him!

Foster all bundled up against the cold

Foster all bundled up against the cold

But today it will be definitely safe enough to go out and see what state the pony is in. That is, besides continuing to be grody and shaggy, and not groomed decently enough to be seen in public.