To Wedge or Not to Wedge

First of all, thanks for the nice comments you left on my video yesterday. I always like to think that people are laughing with me, than at me, and trust me- I laugh when I watch that damn video. As for the American Idol comments, I do have a story to tell there. Maybe next week, or the next boring spell, I’ll write about that. Not to raise your expectations that today’s post is anything riveting, but still.

Ever since fall of 2012, Foster has worn wedged shoes on his back end. This was just one of many things that we did at the time to solve a hard-to-diagnose lameness, and since he stopped being lame, we’ve kept them on ever since. While his performance has been great in the wedges, though, my farrier recently pointed out that Foster’s heels were deteriorated a bit by being on plastic for so long, and we needed to make a change.

Foster's wedges

Foster’s wedges (please forgive how dirty his legs are)

Transitioning Foster back into normal steel shoes is fine with me, though I want to spread the process out over two shoeing cycles so the change is less dramatic. Winter time also seems a good time to try it, since our agenda isn’t so full as it is mid season. However, I worried that with the diet changes and chiropractic work Foster is about to get Monday, that introducing another element of change into the mix would make it difficult to tell what’s working and what’s not. So, for the sake of clarity, I’m keeping him in the wedges for another 6 weeks, and we’ll start transitioning back to normal shoes next time around.

All this hemming and hawing seems to me to be part of horse ownership, and pet ownership in general. Making decisions for an animal that can’t speak its mind is tough, and I hate the thought of sacrificing one thing just to improve another. Not that this particular decision is life threatening, just indicative of a greater type of stress we have as guardians of four-legged beasties.┬áHas anyone else had to make a call for the greater good of an animal? What tough decisions have you had to make recently?