Cross Country Schooling: Video

Finally got the video together!

I see a lot of things wrong with my position (pumping my arms when I get nervous, lower leg swings, and what the hell am I doing when he goes off of that big drop?!) but the video still overall makes me smile. Foster is clearly having a blast and I love watching his expression, and seeing him finally start to learn how to cover ground! Not that we’re going to ever win a race with a Thoroughbred, but he’s learning how to lengthen his stride a little more, and that’s awesome.

Thanks again to Ali for all the video!

Good [Cross Country] Times

This weekend I had the opportunity for a fun cross country school at Running Start. The day was a semi-casual opportunity to play with some Training stuff and just have fun. Even better, Ali was able to video and capture some gems on tape!

My plan is to put together all the clips and do a bit of editing, but since I haven’t gotten around to that yet, I thought it might be just as entertaining in the interim to make a few gif’s of the better moments.

Not that all the better moments meant stellar riding, like when this happened:


Though they weren’t all disastrous, I promise, and Foster was mostly, if anything, a little overconfident…


Seriously, I don’t think these water jumps are going to be a problem!

From a different angle, and his first attempt

From a different angle, and his first attempt



Foster did his first corner!

cornerAnd we had a blast just working on our gallop!


Will get the video together soon!