Behind the Silence

If you’re wondering why this blog sort of dropped off a cliff activity-wise last year, you got a fairly good explanation in my last post. Fretting over Jack and dealing with his bubble-boy tendencies took up a lot of mental headspace that left me too drained to blog.

And then, when I wasn’t at the barn, often times I was behind a camera (trying to work off all those damn vet bills!). I did more than 40 photoshoots last year, and when you add up the tasks of scheduling, editing, and traveling to/from the session itself… well- I was busy. In a good way, but busy nonetheless. In looking back I recently put together the below graphic of an image from each session I did in 2018, and after posting it on my BGD page I of course immediately realized I have left off at least 2 sessions, and likely a few more.

2018 wasn’t all work and no play, though, because I did some traveling as well- fun stuff like WEG….

Where we ooooh’d and awwww’d over the magnificent ponies and enjoyed fun times with horsey friends. We also went to Paris!

Where we got in front of a camera for once! Shot by an Irish showjumper no less!

Oh, and then there was a trip to Great Meadows, supporting our insanely talented friend Ema conquer the tough XC track!

Not XC- hearts were too much in our throats to bother photographing

So there you have a small picture of why RotR (formerly House on a Hill) got little attention last year. I am hoping that Jack gets his ish together and that I have enough brainpower left to get this little blog up and running again though! So please stay tuned!

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