Making Poor Life Choices: AKA my terrible RW hoard

So, one of the perks of being a Riding Warehouse ambassador is that I got a heads up on their Black Friday deals, which I get to share with all my lovely connections (AKA you guys!). But of course last night I went through their site and found items that I needed wanted.

At 25% off, and a $25 gift card already in my grabby hands, who could resist?

But I might have gone overboard.

A little. Actually, a lot.

All of these lovelies are mine, all mine! *insert cackle here*

Seriously though, at these deals… why not? Prices are rounded up to next dollar.

  • Roeckl Gloves (in this adorable yellow) $22
  • ECP Shaped Burgundy XC Pad (wanted one of these 4EVER) $34
  • Merino Wool Half Pad (mine is flat as a pancake and almost 2 decades old) $60
  • Eskadron Open Fronts in Chocolate (these puppies are $115 at Dover) FRONTS – $68
    • Eskadron Open Fronts HIND – $30
  • Dressage Whip in Navy (again, my current one is tatty as hell) – $7
  • WW Stable boots – $60 (Because pony does well with front stable boots and needs a hind pair)
  • Probios treats (just because) – $7
  • Bell boots x 2 – $5
  • Sound blocking ear bonnet – $21

OK, so a few of these are absolutely in the WANT category, but there’s plenty there that represents a well-overdue upgrade.

I’m afraid of what will happen if I see any more BF sales go on, so don’t mind me I’ll be over here like:

Though I totally encourage you to go check out the sale! RW will be announcing the sale officially at 1pm EST, so you get to see the deals before the rest of the world finds out!

14 thoughts on “Making Poor Life Choices: AKA my terrible RW hoard

  1. I have to say, Riding Warehouse has the best deals and best customer service. I need to do a blog about it. And I’m not even an ambassador. lol Nice haul! Love the saddle pad!

  2. i think you need to go back and get more Britt (HA HA HA) and I haven’t bought anything yet. I kind of like that my house is full of company and I dont have a lot of time to be online….but the long weekend has only just started…bahahaha….

  3. Love RW and their stuff!!! And 25% off almost covers the abysmal US -> Cdn exchange rate. I think it’s time to cash in my wish list!!! weee!!!

  4. I bought SO many things. With my birthday coming up I used that as an excuse to take advantage of the sales (but of course 90% of what I bought was for Scout, not me)

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