High Maintenance

Well it’s official. Jack is absolutely the most high maintenance horse I’ve ever owned. And yet, as we close in on our one-year anniversary of being a team, I don’t regret choosing this big yellow dude at all.

As it turns out, whatever it is that caused the hives last week is apparently still around and still causing us problems. After being officially weaned off of Dex on May 4th, by the morning of May 6th the hives were already returning, and the golden boy looked a little long in the face.


We also had a bit of an accident that resulted in some very high emotions in me and some scrapes on Jack. Luckily with icing and bute that seems to be resolved. Just another thing in the list of all the fucking things that could have not happened last week. But whatever.

Days off make for good photo days

We are meant to go show this weekend, which will be our second go at Novice. Considering the clusterfuck that has been the last several days, luckily it’s just a schooling show. And we get to school the XC the day before. So if the golden boy isn’t feeling up to the whole shebang, we can school xc and just do dressage the next day. Or school, dressage and SJ. Or you know, if he’s feeling good do the whole HT.

Either way it should be a weekend to look forward to- new team mates, old friends, and our first time showing with pretty much all of the people I love. Thank goodness- something to look forward to!

12 thoughts on “High Maintenance

  1. your princess pony high maintenance sucks but he is so pretty….so there is that. That is awesome that you can still go to the show and figure out there what Jack wants to do. I keep thinking of the princess and the pea fairy tale:) That is Jack 🙂

    Good luck! He is adorable so worth it 🙂

  2. I was trying to come to War Horse this weekend too!!!! But sadly Chimi blew apart his hoof and he’s got at least a month off 😦 Damn horses and the injuries that plague them!!! But they’re cute so we keep coming back 🙂

  3. Oh man, I hope he’s spick and span soon so y’all can get back to it. You’ll figure out hot/cold your Goldilocks likes his world before long haha. Stunning photo!

  4. Levi is super high maintenance too. I call him my pretty, pretty princess pony. On a more serious note, my vet has said that palominos do tend to have more sensitive skin and more skin issues. She evens notices a difference in how much sedative they need (less). I hope he starts feeling better.

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