This Heat, It’s Oppressive

We’re moving into the (so far) hottest days of the summer right now- so what sounds better than making all the riding plans?

Tomorrow I’ve got not one but two lessons. First TC at 8:15am in the dressage court, then I’ll be attempting to teleport out to the trainer’s for a jumping lesson at 10:30am. Luckily the fact that I have a lighter horse in a breezy stock trailer should keep us from melting on the way home.

The only weather appropriate activity for horse people this weekend… Perfecting the tan. Also- why does she have tan feet?

Sunday’s activities will either include staying in the air conditioning while the ponies enjoy their fans, or potentially wandering through the local forest on a trail ride. No need to go crazy on both days.

I hope everyone stays safe with the rising mercury! Happy Friday 🙂

3 thoughts on “This Heat, It’s Oppressive

  1. 100*+ this weekend in Raleigh? What’s going on? I thought I left this weather in FL, lol. I’m hoping it cools of a little by Monday for my make-up lesson! Stay cool and hydrated!

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