Guess who’s back

Through no fault of his own, one of my parents’ horses has had a little trouble finding his forever home.

So tonight, I’m off to go pick up a certain bay cob and help him on his way. Riley will be coming up to me to get in shape so he can show off all the skills he learned last year and hopefully find his new ‘person’.

In truth, I’m excited to see that sweet mug again and have some control over who gets to inherit this special creature.

More updates to come!

5 thoughts on “Guess who’s back

  1. I just love him. IF I could afford board on a second he would be mine in a skinny minute. He should have no problem finding an awesome home!!!

  2. Yeeeeeeeeeesssssss!!!!!!!! Go Riley!!!!!!! Fingers crossed someone special wants him!!!!! (Still wish it was me but ya know, to many horses ☹️)

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