Adventures in Horse Shopping: Bad Luck Blues

Apologies for yesterday’s cryptic post. I’ve been hemming and hawing and not knowing which way things would go, but I just decided to step away from the 4th horse I’ve vetted since retiring Foster last year.

I don’t know what butterfly flapped its wings and created this endless storm of failed (or questionable) PPE’s, but damn it, I’m ready to be done horse shopping. If I found that butterfly, I might be tempted to squash it under my boot right now, the way I’m feeling.

Or perhaps this is just some way of the universe balancing itself out- I mean, I was able to find homes for Darcy, Smitty, and my saddle rather quickly, so surely my luck had to run out sometime.

Whatever the reason, it’s taken a bit of a toll on me. Or maybe that’s last night’s wine talking.

Sorry for the Debbie Downer post, you guys- hoping Mr. Right is right around the corner, but feeling like he’s hoofing his way around the Bermuda Triangle instead.

12 thoughts on “Adventures in Horse Shopping: Bad Luck Blues

  1. Hang in there! These hard times will just make it all the sweeter when you find the right horse. I really admire how you’re sticking to your guns and not choosing just any horse – you’re finding the right one. He’s coming for you soon, I know it!

  2. Oh no!! How absolutely heartbreaking. I am so so sorry to hear this, I was so hoping this was going to be The One. Darn it!!

  3. Horse shopping is the worst. It’s so hard and disappointing and such a big decisions. Eventually though, there is a unicorn at the end of the rainbow!!!

  4. Idk if this will help BUT when we bough our first house so many places we wanted and loved didn’t happen and there was no rime or reason… we were so frustrated and about to give up- everyone we lost was bc investors had cash and we couldn’t complete with that- but the house we ended up with was amazing!! In the moment we ever thought something better would come but it did!! And now today we were able to sell that home and make enough to put money down so we could buy our ranch… so hard to wait but I know there is a perfect horse for you!!

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