Photography Friday: Anniversary Edition

Yesterday marked 4 years of marriage with the husband, and 8 years since we met on a cruise ship and started dating. So to give you guys a reprieve from horsey photos this Friday I thought it would be fun to share some of our wedding photos!

All photos are by Robyn Van Dyke Photography.

So excited that I forgot to grab my bouquet!

And then a series of photos that basically represent my college days running with a pack of feral boys. Illustrated here is a drinking game where a pre-decided item (in this case a bouncy ball) was secretly passed around from drink to drink. If someone snuck it into your drink you had to finish it within 2 minutes or give it back. If you successfully finished, you got to keep it and sneak it into someone else’s drink. Yes, college at its finest. And no, I would not back down from the game, not even on my wedding night!

So many memories! Wishing you all a happy Friday! Have a great weekend all!

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