First Impressions from Adventures in Wellington

Florida is a mecca for winter equestrian sport in all of the english disciplines. And why not? It’s warm, it’s relatively dry, and you can’t beat that sandy footing.


So when my friend J made her second trip down to Ocala to work and train with Schramm Equestrian, it didn’t take any much convincing to cobble together a plan and visit for the Wellington Eventing Showcase.

Since highlights of the trip include a marked lack of sleep, the introduction of multiple patches of sunburn, and a lot of wine, I’m feeling a bit foggy this morning trying to process everything.

He wanted to come home with me. Oh yes he did.

He wanted to come home with me. Oh yes he did.

Wellington specifically though… made me feel poor. Here live the ultimate .001% surely, since nowhere else would you be caught wearing stilettos at a horse show. It was eye-opening to see the practices of the equestrian elite, including pruning their palm trees to the nines, hand grazing their horses in lieu of turn out, and so much more.


I will say, the only obvious commonality I have with the residents of Wellington is a love of horses, and wine. For once, my group was not the only ones to be found carting about coolers filled with arrays of chardonnay and pinot grigio. We made plenty of friends with fellow spectators who in true eventing style, were more than happy to share the shade of a palm tree and pass glasses of wine to and fro.


While I can’t wait to share with you the thousand photos I took, some really exciting portrait sessions (at least to me), more stories will have to be saved for future posts!

25 thoughts on “First Impressions from Adventures in Wellington

  1. I am SOOOO jealous! I wanted to go to the showcase since the first time they ran it. I had it on live stream all day Sunday while I was working at a jumper show and everyone else was tuning in with me cheering everyone on!

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