Let’s Discuss: Your Equestrian Affiliations

This Saturday I had the pleasure of photographing the North Carolina Dressage and Combined Training Association’s annual gala. My responsibility was to photograph all of the award winners and snap up some great candid moments in between.

When I wasn’t behind the camera though, I got to chat with lots of familiar faces and even met a reader of the blog (hi Jessica!). The NCDCTA is an organization that feels like home to me, even though I haven’t officially been a member for a couple years now (because of, you know, not having a horse to compete).

In years past there were other organizations that gave me the warm fuzzies. One being the NCSU Dressage team, which will always have a place in my heart for the friends and associations it brought me.

Dressage girls know all about balance and creating a solid foundation 😉

The other is likely Mecklenburg Hounds, who I foxhunted with for many years. Beyond meeting up at the hunt field, I was an active participant in other association events, such as parades, fundraisers, etc.

July 4th Parade with Tanner and the Mecklenburg Hounds

July 4th Parade with Tanner and the Mecklenburg Hounds

There are plenty of other organizations that I am a part of, but I admit, mostly my membership comes down to rules and regulations. The USEF is one, and more recently, the USEA. While I wish to have a greater sense of awareness for what these organizations are doing and how I can get involved, I find that it’s simply easier to get involved at a more local level.

What equestrian organizations are you affiliated with? Which are close to your heart, and how do you actively participate in them? How do you think the national level entities can inspire more local participation? Has an organization ever done something that made you want to leave, or were there ever inspiring events that made you want to join a certain ‘club’?

9 thoughts on “Let’s Discuss: Your Equestrian Affiliations

  1. I’m a member of my local dressage/combined training organization (and also hold an elected position on the board). Joining was a little intimidating at first because I’d heard they could be “clique-ish” (but really, what horse group isn’t?). After I started attending events and making an effort to get involved, I was welcomed with open arms. Aside from serving on the board, I also maintain the club’s website and social media presence. I really love being so involved with other people who share my interests!

  2. It was so nice to meet you Saturday night! Now I do not feel quite so stalker-ish leaving comments on your blog. Thank you for taking all of the pictures Saturday night. I never saw your raffle prize or I would have put my tickets in there instead of the other prizes that I did not win!! I hope to be able to meet up with you more this season. I too was a member of Mecklenburg Hounds in the early 90’s and Cardinal II Pony Club. Right now I am just a member of NCDCTA but I have contemplated joining USEA this year.

    • Oh my goodness… It was so nice to meet you too! We *must* have crossed paths at some point in time back then! And regarding the door prize- Lynn had told me to just bring it with me, so I don’t know where it got put myself! Next year I will make a much more formal contribution so it won’t be missed 😉

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