Let’s Discuss: Who’s your A-team?

When you made that oh-so-important decision on the horse of your dreams (or whatever), who was your A-team? Who is the person that just had to go with you to see the creature? Or did you fly solo?

Here's officially hoping they never find my blog.

Here’s officially hoping they never find my blog.

If I can bring people along with me on my horse trips, I do. But often I’m making last minute trips and like last week, going in the middle of the week when taking off of work is inconvenient. So being able to go alone is just part of the deal. I try to take video and ask pertinent questions, and for any pre-purchase I definitely get my vet involved.

Part of my A-team. Besides horses, we also enjoy mimosas.

Part of my A-team. Besides horses, we also enjoy mimosas.

Then my A-team gets bombarded with my thoughts and questions, and a select few get to weigh in with their opinions. These individuals include my trusty vet and a select number of friends who I believe know my tastes and understand my goals and what I need in a horse, not just what I want.

Mum- the other occasional member of my A-team, when not getting stomped by rowdy 3 year olds.

Mum- the other occasional member of my A-team, when not getting stomped by rowdy 3 year olds.

While I truly think that going with your gut is key in any big decision, it’s hard to consider things from all perspectives on your own. By talking through certain horses with my A team, I’ve learnt even more about what to look for as I’m shopping. I pay more attention to hock articulation, to pastern length and shoulder angle. All little conformational aspects that I used to skim over in lieu of a great brain and nice movement. My A team though understands the horse that I buy needs to be in it for the long run, and they’ve got my back.

So let’s discuss- do you have an A-team? Maybe beyond just horse buying and even into training, tack decisions, or just surviving the every day rollercoaster of equestrian life? How does your A-team change depending on the issue?

8 thoughts on “Let’s Discuss: Who’s your A-team?

  1. My trainer pretty much did all the leg work for my last 2 horses, though it was relatively easy, not like she went out looking at tons, she just had people send her videos and then availability handled the rest. I think I really just got lucky or something.

  2. I’ve mentioned before that I had only known my trainer for 10 days before going to try Roger (on the coldest day EVER last March) by myself at her daughter’s farm in Maryland (I also had never met her daughter before). I know the universe and multiple sets of stars had to align for Roger and I to end up together, but in a weird way I think we were always meant to be partners. I wouldn’t always suggest using that approach, but as they say, the rest is history 🙂

  3. I’ve never done the horse shopping thing, but I definitely have an A Team when it comes to general horse/life/training/veterinary scenarios. My first call is almost always my BFF Rachel, who tends to look at things from a TOTALLY different angle than I do, often giving me a very valuable perspective I wouldn’t have otherwise thought of. Plus she’s also studying to be an equine vet, so I always call her with health questions, too.

  4. My mum has a real knack for picking out sweet, sound horses – despite not being horsey. I wouldn’t ask her to find me a horse, but if she didn’t approve of one that I’d chosen it would definitely be enough to put me off it. It’s bordering superstition..

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