Where does the blog go now?

What happens to a horse Foster centric blog called a House on a Hill, when the certain horse gets potentially rehomed (final decision in May), and the house gets sold?

I enjoy blogging, I really do. I’ve published 428 posts since this blog was started in 2013. What started as a purely cathartic exercise and a way to track the progress of a horse and a house turned into becoming part of a community that has inspired new friendships and relationships (albeit online) with people across the globe. It’s allowed acquaintances and friends in the real world a way to keep up with our activities, and it continues to shock me when I find out that someone reads my blog. The journey has been a fun one, and a revealing one.

But as I said, where do we go now? I look at this site from a web designer’s POV and think- we’ll, that banner’s got to go, or thank goodness we didn’t get a domain name registered. It’s all very strange to me that these events, selling the house and rehoming Foster, don’t seem real until I write them down.

I can’t see myself just setting the blog aside. So in all likelihood, it will continue on and evolve as all things do. I won’t stop riding, and goodness knows I’ve already sunk my teeth into some house projects (update coming, I swear). But if it’s a little quiet in the meantime, well, that’s because that’s how things are at the moment.

We’re still here, in the house on a hill, 2.0.

24 thoughts on “Where does the blog go now?

  1. I have had similar thoughts and have been really glad I didn’t name my blog “Simon the OTTB” or “Widow Warrior” or something like that. You’ll find the right path if you enjoy the writing!

    • Thankfully there’ll always be horses (if I can help it) and a roof over our head (I hope) so theoretically, there should be blog content a plenty. Ideally I’ll be feeling inspired soon!

  2. Eek, I’m having this same problem. I have my little project horse, but I don’t feel like I want to have a horse blog because it’s not the same without some big over-arching goal like I had with Wiz (who got sold to the BEST girl ever and he is so happy, happy ending for all). I’m thinking about starting a traveling blog, since that is more of my focus in life at the moment. I miss keeping up with everyone’s blogs and it’s something I want to start doing again. at least the name ‘house on the hill’ gives you the freedom to go wherever you’d like! Now that I’m getting back into blogging/reading, I’m sure I’ll keep up again 🙂

    P.S. Sorry to hear about Foster, I will have to go back and read through your posts to see what’s going on when I’m not on my lunch break!

    • Oh that is WONDERFUL to hear about Wiz. You must be so relieved. And I’ve seen your random social media with the new pony! Would love to hear more details!

  3. I have so enjoyed your blog posts and would be so sad if you stopped! I think you have such great discussion posts and fun media too (graphic design major for the win!) Plus I feel like your blog kind of brought our friendship back around after college and I love that!!! It has been such a fun adventure following you!!! Looking forward to 2.0 and beyond!

    • Yes- I am so glad to have reconnected with you (on the interwebs and beyond!)! There will definitely be a blog, the content of which is just a bit up in the air at the moment 🙂

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