Goal Check

Thanks to Viva Carlos and Poor Woman Showing, I realized that crap, it’s December, and oh yeah, what about those goals I set at the beginning of the year? Is there any chance of completing the remaining goals in the next few weeks?

The house goals have all been met, and then some- again, update post coming. Design goals- maybe there won’t be a design blog, still fiddling around with the idea so we’ll see.

One goal conquered- this brush fence!

One goal conquered- this brush fence!

Otherwise, here’s the list of goals I set for Foster for the winter:

  • Lengthenings, and lengthening-to-collected transitions I’m going to call this checked, since we commonly practice it now, and while not perfect, it’s happening. Finally.
  • Keep hacking away at canter transitions Yup, made big progress with this- still not perfect, but hacked away at, it is
  • School corners – showjumping style
  • Angled fences/combinations need to do more of this, but we started
  • School chevron if at all possible still not sure if this is possible? 
  • Introduce conditioning program
  • Clip all the fur! check.

Go figure the remaining goals to be met are the jumping ones. Of course, this is my weak link, especially when in the winter all I want to do is be a dressage queen. Also, if I’m honest, I find it a struggle to get time in the jumping arena after work with the current lesson schedules and Foster hasn’t cared for that arena in the dark which makes me loathe to go up there alone and jump school anyways. Phew, glad I got that off my chest. Time to grow a pair/make jump schools happen on weekends/find a buddy to watch me jump at night, I guess. Ugh.

Why, yes, I do fancy myself a DQ sometimes.. ill-fitting boots and all.

Why, yes, I do fancy myself a DQ sometimes.. ill-fitting boots and all.

Some other stuff going on that I haven’t decided if I want to share yet publicly.. otherwise it’s all about the house and updating stuff before the weekend! Yay!

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