Foster Gets a Vacation, probably

Why do you do this to me horse?

Why do you do this to me horse?

Last night I made the mistake of trying to go to the barn after work. I had a lesson at 5:45, and figured if I left at 4:30 I would arrive at 5 with plenty of time to groom, tack up, and get on before Eliza’s arrival. At 6:20, I finally arrived at the barn. Lesson had to be cancelled, and I was so frazzled I couldn’t imagine actually riding, and instead I curried all the mud off a rather dirty pony and worked on a little in-hand piaffe preparation stuff. I was able to figure out how to ask for the cue while walking, so the night was not not a complete wash, I guess.



Having learned my lesson from last night, there is no chance I will attempt to get out there again tonight, when traffic will likely be even worse. Since of course the next several days will be dedicated to family and turkey, Foster will get a little vacation. I don’t think Foster’s had 6 consecutive days off all year, since we had such a busy season. So even though there’s plenty to work on at the moment, I’m not terribly phased that he gets to veg out for a little bit.

photo 3 (8)

We’ll get back to the grind next week, and keep working on that collected canter (which is feeling better, maybe we’re getting somewhere!) and fit in our lesson somewhere. Expect radio silence for the rest of the week as I recover from a turkey-induced coma.

Looking a little confused that I was leaving without riding

Looking a little confused that I was leaving without riding

Y’all have a happy Thanksgiving!

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