You know you’ve maybe taken on too maybe things when you start googling ways to insert more hours in the day. (not possible, by the way, I checked)

The past couple weeks have been a little hectic, to say the least. Between all the house projects, clinic/lesson/shows, riding in preparation for those clinics/lessons/shows, and being signed up for 70 hours worth of work each week… I’m more than a little fried.

Even this scene was less than therapeudic

Even this scene was less than therapeudic

Non-caffeinated me has become a frazzled, fast talking, stress ball mess. Caffeinated me is just a faster talking, stress ball mess. It’s not pretty. And for my friends and husband that have to deal with me on a daily basis, I’m sorry.

No, not really

No, not really

When I was in college, I took on too many projects (21 hrs of classes, 3 jobs, and being Captain of the dressage team), and literally made myself sick. In one semester I must have visited the student health center 10 or more times, with things ranging from Scarlet Fever (their diagnosis, not mine, and it turned out it wasn’t), crazy dizzy spells, and a very debilitating version of tonsillitis. In the end, I took the hint- stop trying to do all the things and be a slightly less crazy person.


So I’m going to try to prove that I am a wiser, more mature individual, and try to take a little break once I finish my to-do list. Hell, I may even take a day sometime soon, I hope. Thank goodness for Memorial Day.

Expect a couple days away from the keyboard next week for me, as I try to get a handle on the burnout. Otherwise, happy Tuesday, y’all!

16 thoughts on “Burnout

  1. iI hear a lot of myself in your post! I always overcommit and then burn myself out. It’s hard when there is so much I want to do but only so many hours in a day. I always feel like if I could skip sleeping for three days I could actually catch up haha!

    • Haha, yes, that definitely is a standard question! Gotta love college health centers. Apparently scarlet fever does still exist- and you should have seen my professors’ reactions when I told them that- definitely a freak out moment! 😛

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