Vote for us, Y’all!

We are participating in the Equestrian March Madness over at She Moved to Texas, and we would love your vote!

I’m blogging from Pittsburgh while Foster enjoys a few days R & R following the show last weekend. I’ll be back in the -test ride- saddle on Thursday, yay! That’s right- trying out 2 new (to us) dressage saddles for ponykins to see which one we like! So excited!

So until then, not much to report… enjoy this pic of Foster in his Novice debut by Brant Gamma!

foster jump

6 thoughts on “Vote for us, Y’all!

    • Haha that’s too funny! Although (and I’m going to sound kind of lame admitting this), one of my favorite part of getting ready for a show is making a braid in his mane that is half black and half white… I just think the swirl braid is the best!

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