Winter Weather Blues

It’s finally starting to look like winter, now that most of the leaves are gone and they sky has attained that always gray cast to it that won’t go away until spring. Foster got the last two days off since we worked pretty hard 3 days straight, with two dressage schoolings that definitely burned off some turkey and then a fun jumping day that went a little longer than intended.

A friend took a couple photos of us, and here are a few that stand out…


Foster was pretty tired in these photos, but it allowed me to see my position quite well, with its strengths and weaknesses. I would like to see my leg a little more forward, and in the first photo, my heel a bit more down. But I’m happy to see that I’m not roaching my back terribly like I used to and my release has gotten a lot more consistent. Hooray for that!


This one I’m sharing for two reasons. One, it makes me laugh- because, holy cow did he ever decide to take the long spot (and leave me behind, yes, I’m sorry but it happens occasionally!) but two, he shows what an incredible athlete he has become. Something about this picture just cements the fact that baby Foster really isn’t much of a baby anymore, he’s 6 and he’s got the potential to go a long way. Now it’s up to me to help him reach that potential and, erm, not get left behind!

The weather has yet again turned freakish here in North Carolina, and thanks to the brief heat wave we’ll probably have just a couple long and low sessions this week, and maybe do some cavaletti work to get that hind end strengthened.


5 day forecast

That’s right, folks, we had highs in the 30’s a week ago, now we are in the 70’s with a 30 degree difference over the weekend. Awesome sauce. But that’s North Carolina for ya!

Do you guys have any great plans this week?

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