No news is good news, right?

Not much going on in the horse world, as I’ve ridden only once since the last show. While that ride did feel great, I don’t feel over the hump yet. I realized that in my journey to straightness, I have been working less on really bending through our circles, which was highlighted in the judge’s comments. So we worked on plenty of figure-eight’s and balanced transitions incorporating bend. He felt good. Maybe we don’t suck aren’t so bad off after all.

Tonight I may attempt jumping, and see how it goes. The quest to create the scariest jumps ever has culminated in a new monstrosity in the arena, in which the chevron jump had a love child with some barrels and the mixture of plastic and oddness is something I didn’t want to tackle right before the competition. So we will see how tonight goes!

Otherwise we have been busy (as usual) around the house getting the myriad projects I want done accomplished before all of our guests come in a few weeks. Even still, the to-do list is daunting:

  • Spray paint the doorbell cover to match new hardware
  • Spray paint the light fixture by the door to match as well
  • Install new fan in the sun room
  • Finish painting Carolina Room and hang curtains
  • Buy new chair for living room
  • Buy bed for Carolina Room
  • Paint the annoying piece of wall I missed in the guest bathroom
  • Figure out why the DVD player doesn’t work in the guest bedroom
  • Make-over the side table to match the dresser in the Carolina Room
  • For that matter, paint the darned feet on the dresser!
  • Get the weed-eater fixed
  • Apply lattice to outside of sun room

And so on and so forth…

Maybe it doesn’t seem like a huge list, but considering that the husband and I both have 9-5 jobs, a house to keep clean, and oh, not to mention my time consuming horse hobby, finding the time and energy to tackle these projects has been tricky!

Enough with the whining I suppose, let’s get to work!

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