Jumping new fences

Some of the ladies out at the farm got together over my beach weekend and repainted fences, and boy do they look classy! Since this has been kind of a down horsey week, Ali and I tried our boys over them for some fun.

I’m noticing that if I’ve got him together I’m starting to get better with my shoulders, but man I have GOT to fix my lower leg! Nonetheless a tired Foster was a good boy over everything.

Check out my buddy Ali and her handsome OTTB Baron here!

5 thoughts on “Jumping new fences

  1. Brilliant! =)

    Your lower leg isn’t as bad as you think, I noticed that it does creep back during the flight stage but that can be easily fixed – put more weight into your heels!

    If I may say, I think that your horse needs to be travelling with more energy from the hindquarters; the horse’s jumping power comes from here and you’ll find that if you are travelling with more energy (not necessarily faster) the jump will be a lot smoother; you’ll be more in sync with each other and therefore more balanced which in turn will assist with fixing your lower leg! But that’s just what I would advise!

    • Thanks Miss Equestrian!

      I agree with your comments- Foster was soo tired yesterday and I think that is part of his slugglishness. However if you would have seen him a year ago you would not believe it was the same horse! He used to rush even tiny crossrails- so I’m happy to hear “needs more energy” comments- we’re going to start working on it for sure now that jumping is relaxing for the both of us again 🙂

      Otherwise I intend to shorten my stirrups a hole or so and see if that helps me with my lower leg- will post a video eventually once I do that and you’ll have to tell me if you see a difference.

      Thanks for reading/watching!

      • Not a problem! =)

        He looks so calm and docile! You’ve done some brilliant work to change his quirky jumping!

        I look foward to watching you both again!

    • I have some pictures of him that made myself and others think I might need to invest in a belly guard! It might look like a bit much though to be doing Novice with one of those… 🙂

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