Why we have horses

Horses can be frustrating, heartbreaking, hell, they can be downright dangerous to be around sometimes. But to those that are obsessed with love them, the cons never really outweigh the pros. When you have a great ride, the elation that follows has long lasting effects that make riders who they are.

Tonight, Ali (my fellow equestrian partner in crime) and I had great rides. To see her on her boy Baron looking like they haven’t missed a beat and to have Foster actually in sync with me and not fighting was magical.


So magical they damn near sprouted wings and horns

Since the show last week Foster has continued to be angry and tense in his back, compressing like a coil rather than relaxing and accepting the bit and covering any kind of ground. Yesterday we had a saddle fitting appointment where my couch dressage saddle had every bit of stuffing taken out of it and then reflocked, and we discovered that actually the half pad I ride in was hindering his shoulders more than anything. Hopefully these changes will help his off back soreness and improve his attitude.

I don’t know if it’s voodoo, but tonight is a pretty good indicator that we are back on track. That is, we are still traveling laterally on 3 tracks, but at least forward and happy in the bridle for the first time in a week, and lighter in the forehand to boot!

Meanwhile, I am so excited to see Ali with Baron in the arena. Double bonus that her husband will soon become master carpenter with our fun and exciting plans for future jumps! Can’t wait to see what more magical rides the future has in store 🙂

Baron jumping

This is what Baron thought about the roll top- can’t wait to see what he thinks of the jumps we have planned (PS can you say scopey??? or room to spare??)

6 thoughts on “Why we have horses

    • Love your blog- I REALLY wanted to be a working student myself, even was offered a role in the UK with a super dressage trainer. However, at the time of the decision I was also offered a full time job here with benefits and couldn’t turn it down. But now I can live vicariously through your blog! 😀

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